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We are Studioworks, a dedicated team of design lovers.
And we are outdoor enthusiasts, and love to be close to nature.

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We are Studioworks, a dedicated team of design lovers. Founded by Jeroen van Vulpen in 2002, and now a group of professional designers and project leaders. With two bases in Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

Each office has its specialties, but we share our passion for design, making things happen, and a happy customer.  


The spaces we create help our business customers to promote and sell their products. We are specialized in thrilling pop up stores, shop in shop, Sustainable, reusable, aesthetic.

Under our brand name DOF we develop our own designs and products, like the Panorama tents, Arcade tents, Barrel and Hive.

Jeroen van Vulpen, founder and creative brain, has built up the Studioworks team in Switzerland. The combination of Dutch creativity and Swiss quality proved to be successful.

Through cooperation with international customers, we were able to grow into a renowned design agency.

Arjen van Vulpen, an experienced architect with various buildings on his behalf, strengthened our team in 2012. He is responsible for the Dutch establishment of DOF and brings his technical design skills to the team.

Jeroen and Arjen complement each other seamlessly. Between our two branches, we work together in concept creation and implementation. This way we strengthen each other and get the best from both worlds.

Besides that we are outdoor lovers, and love to be close to nature.

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