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We are Studioworks, a dedicated team of design lovers. Founded by Jeroen van Vulpen in 2002, and now a group of professional designers and project leaders. With a home base in Switzerland, a branch in the Netherlands and quality production in Hungary.

To create is our real passion. Not only in the mind and 3D design, we experiment and develop with the newest materials and machines. This way we get inspired and are able to invent the best solutions for our customers.


The spaces we create help our business customers to promote and sell their products. We are specialized in thrilling pop up stores, shop in shop, design stands and shop design. Sustainable, reusable, aesthetic.


The driving force behind our office is the twin brothers Jeroen and Arjen van Vulpen. Jeroen van Vulpen, founder and creative brain, has built up the Studioworks team in Switzerland. The combination of Dutch creativity and Swiss quality proved to be a successful combination. Through cooperation with international customers, we were able to grow into a renowned design agency.

Arjen van Vulpen, an experienced architect with various buildings on his behalf, strengthened our team in 2012. He is responsible for the Dutch establishment of Studioworks and brings his technical design skills to the team.

Jeroen and Arjen complement each other seamlessly. Between our two branches, we work together in concept creation and implementation. This way we strengthen each other and get the best from both worlds.

In addition to creativity and aesthetics, a lot of attention is given to the practical side of the design. Simplicity is a keyword within Studioworks.


How can you design something beautiful that can be installed in two hours? You need to design and invest in modular solutions. This leads to innovative creations like our pop up products.


To make this possible we have the most modern machines and materials. 3D printing, vacuum bending and CNC, in combination with beautiful and durable materials. Playing with such tools results in new concepts. We experiment repeatedly with different combinations, so new inventions are made.


Studioworks takes care of the entire design and construction process. And we stand for our high quality and excellent planning.

To make this possible, our own team manages the production and organization of the implementation for our customers: design, production, transportation, installation, service during the event, removal and if needed, warehousing. 


Our experienced project managers work closely with our customers, manufacturers, exhibition organizations and logistics suppliers to realize a timely delivery. Time after time.


And what a great experience it is, when it all comes together.



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