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The DOF ARCADE brings innovation to the world of glamping with its contemporary shape. 

The design has been developed under high-quality architecture and fits in seamlessly 

with the contemporary wishes of the modern glamping guest.

  • Modern design

  • Dynamic covered terrace

  • Strong steel frame

  • Inner tent of high-quality KA-46 canvas from Ten Cate

  • Fire-retardant 660 gram PVC roof

  • Including kitchen and sanitary facilities, ventilation system and mosquito net

  • Equipped with a raised wooden floor

  • High wind and snow resistance

  • Extra options: different heat sources available

A unique solution for friends and family

There is no other tent-like Arcade.
The arcade tent is a bridge between the outside elements of a cabin and the
cocooning we all love from glamping.

Arcade tent

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Different layouts, more options
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